Majors + Programs of Study

Programs to create the life you want to live

Cleveland Institute of Art offers 13 majors in art, design, craft, and entertainment arts. You'll spend four intense years building skills and mastering techniques as you prepare for a creative career. CIA faculty will encourage you to develop a wider perspective by experimenting with media outside your major through interdisciplinary study.

Animation Craft + Design Drawing
Game Design Graphic Design Illustration
Industrial Design Interior Architecture Life Sciences Illustration
Painting Photography Printmaking
Sculpture + Expanded Media    



Watch CIA students at work in the studio

Students begin their career in our Foundation program, designed to introduce students to all of our highly selective majors while building the skills necessary to be successful in any discipline. This ensures that you’re learning the skills that will be most beneficial to your development as an artist and positions you for success in your major.

You’ll learn from world-class faculty who are leaders in their fields. You’ll gain real-world experience working on real-world projects. You’ll learn to think critically about the work you’re making. And you’ll learn to communicate your ideas so that you can collaborate with others to create work that makes a difference in the world.

Rounding out your studies is a robust Liberal Arts program, designed to help place the work you're creating in a broader social, cultural and historical context.